Headphone Stands

TwiG Headphone Stand

Modern materials meet artisan design. The "twiG" supports nearly all headphones while the "basket" cradles most media tablets. A convenient rear mounted solid copper stand-off provides cable management and the slate base plate adds mass and stability to create an elegant freestanding or desktop solution to support your prize possessions.


  • 3/4" & 1" high density domestic Apple Ply. FSC & CARB certified.
  • Exotic veneers: African Bubinga, African Sapele, African Zebra, & Madagascar Ebony.
  • Domestic veneers: American Black Walnut, Natural Maple, & Natural Cherry.
  • Solid copper rivets.
  • Solid copper stand-off.
  • Components fabricated with precision two head CNC router.
  • Catalyzed lacquer finish.
  • Stone base plate: Choice of slate or granite.



14"h x 10"w x 12"d

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